Gym Confidence and Positivity.

Whether you’re new to the gym or have been into fitness for several years the gym can be an intimidating and scary place. For some people, like myself, having confidence in the gym isn’t always easy. I want to tell you that this is okay, it’s normal, and it doesn’t make you weak.

In today’s post I want to share a few tips to help build you confidence in the gym. These tips are what have helped me battle some quite anxious trips to the gym, I hope they can help you too.

I know it is easier said than done, but try to not put yourself down and compare yourself to others in the gym. I want you to try and remember that every person in the gym is at a different stage in their own fitness journey and therefore will have different abilities. So, please don’t put yourself down if you see someone lifting heavier, running faster or longer than you.

My next tip is to make yourself a great playlist and stick your headphones in. I do this most gym sessions and it helps me get into my own little bubble, enables me to focus, clear my head and get the most out of my workouts. Majority of the time when I have my headphones in I completely forget about the other people in the gym.

Now, I cannot stress this next tip enough.

Tip number 3 is to find a gym that you feel comfortable in. This may take time, but trust the process. Once you find that gym which feels right you will just know. I have been to some gyms in the past which have had nothing wrong with them as such but the atmosphere just didn’t make me feel very comfortable. This resulted in me feeling really uncomfortable, lacking confidence, and not enjoying my workouts. I have had to leave gyms because I was crying I felt that anxious and uncomfortable, so please know you are not alone. Side note: I’m happy to say the gym I currently train at I love and feel super comfortable in 🙂

My next tip is to be comfy and confident in what you choose to wear to the gym. Whether that’s a baggy jumper and leggings or a crop top and shorts, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you love bright colours, wear the brightest coloured clothes you have. If you prefer to wear neutrals (like me!) that is ok too. Honestly, you will be surprised how much more of a positive mindset you will have when you feel happy in what you are wearing. At the end of the day wear what you want to wear to the gym (and in life general); in the nicest way possible no one else cares.

And finally, my last tip… plan your workouts. Going to the gym with a plan could give you that extra boost of confidence and positivity you need when walking through the gym doors. You might feel less overwhelmed whilst you are at the gym because you have an idea of what machine or equipment you want to use next. Don’t feel like you have to have a solid plan which you are going to exactly follow (you can if you want), even planning what part of the body you want to train before getting to the gym could make all the difference.

If you struggle with gym confidence and positivity I really hope my five tips will help. Please remember you are not alone, many people go through gym anxiety (myself included). What is important to remember are the things you can control and implement to help you enjoy your workouts and feel comfortable at a gym.

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below, I would love to chat!

Love, Mais x

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