Running top tips!

I love spending my time outdoors, especially when I run. I have been a “runner” for almost two years and it’s the best I’ve ever felt in myself. Motivation comes and goes to get out on a run but that’s helped me learn a lot about running.

I wanted to share some of my running top tips with you today. Whether you are thinking of giving running a go or already are an active runner I hope these top tips will help in some way 🙂

1) Take it slow and steady. Studies suggest that we shouldn’t increase our running mileage too quickly. If you are new to running your top priority should be consistency, aim for 3 – 4 runs a week for the first couple of months. Then, increasing mileage by 10-15% a week is recommended. Too much too quickly will increase the likelihood of injury and/ or pulled muscles.

2) Run your own race. I know it is harder said than done but try not to compare yourself to others. Focus on your own running speed and distance. It really doesn’t matter what other people are doing.

3) The right clothes and shoes are EVERYTHING. I’m going to do a whole separate post on my favourite running gear but I can’t stress enough how important investing in a good quality pair of running trainers is. The right leggings, tops, jackets and even socks can make a whole difference to your run. Being comfortable is important. Also, if you are running in the dark make sure you are wearing bright, reflective clothes.

4) Get to know some good routes before you go out. Perhaps walk some first with a friend or household member to get familiar with them. You could use google maps to find some good places to run around your area!

5) Fuel properly pre and post run!! I cannot stress this enough. Choosing a carbohydrate based meal/ snack pre run is recommended. Whilst, post run meals or snacks should focus on consuming quality protein and carbohydrates – again I will do a separate post on pre and post run meal and snack ideas.

6) Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Make sure you are drinking enough fluid, preferably water.

7) Make sure you give yourself enough time to recover. If you are new to running then at least leaving one full day between runs is recommended. Make sure you listen to your body.

8) Most importantly make sure you tell someone your regular running routes ~ keep safe!

So there you have it, my running top tips.

It sounds drastic but starting running really did change me. It helped me appreciate my body more and made me realise how important fuelling myself properly really is.

Just put one foot in front of the other and your body will do the rest 🙂

Love, Mais

Instagram: @wellnesswithmais

4 thoughts on “Running top tips!

  1. Great blog post Maisie! I also love running! I haven’t been running lately though because I used to run on my treadmill and these days it’s not working 😦 But once I start running again I will definitely take on board these tips!
    Especially the first tip I feel like everyone just wants to jump the gun and start running at a really fast pace at first and that just tires you even more 😦 Definitely starting off slow and steady and then finding your own pace definitely helps!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment ☺️ I also haven’t been running recently (3 weeks!!) but hoping for my first run back this week, I’ve missed it!! Do you run outside too? Sucks that your treadmill isn’t working 🙁

      Couldn’t agree more! I was probably a little guilty of that at first but I soon realised that your only competition is yourself. Personally if I was comparing my runs to other people’s I wouldn’t love and enjoy running as much as I do x

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      1. Wow it’s been months for me since I’ve ran! I just do exercises at home now to make up for it! I don’t run outside, I’m too shy lol! I like running in the comfort of my home!

        Yes definitely your only competition is yourself because at the end of the day we’re not all athletes and what matters is that we’re getting in any kind of physical exercise so that we can keep healthy so should it matter if someone’s pace is slower than another person’s 😦
        I love running because it really helps me think and helps me expecially when I’m having a hard time and need to think!

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      2. I totally get that, I was the same for a while before I started running outside. It’s great your doing other exercises at home though, shows true dedication !!

        Yes, couldn’t have said it better myself ☺️ I don’t run with headphones most of the time and a big reason for that is because running is my thinking time too x

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