Banana Pancakes

Here’s one of my go to pancake recipes just in time for pancake day tomorrow!! These 4 ingredient (5 if you add protein powder) pancakes are so easy and quick to make. If you like banana you’ll love this twist to the pancakes. The quantities below make a stack of 5 so I would recommend doubling the amounts if you are making them for two people!


  • 115g x Flour – I use self raising but you can opt for oat flour too (just blend some oats)
  • 270ml x Milk – I opt for almond milk but you could use cows, oat or soya milk (any type of milk really)
  • 1x Medium size banana
  • 35g x Protein powder – if you are using protein powder then you only need 80g of flour!! When I made these I used a vegan banana and caramel flavour protein powder but you can use any flavour 🙂
  • A couple dashes of cinnamon

You will also need some type of oil for frying and then any toppings you fancy!


  • A Frying pan
  • Spatula
  • Blender
  • Scales


STEP ONE – add all the ingredients to your blender and mix

STEP TWO – Pour the mixed pancake batter from the blender into a pouring jug

STEP THREE – Add the oil to your pan and heat it up for a few seconds, then pour the pancake batter in – as little or as much as you’d like, as you can see in the images I made a stack of 5 small pancakes

STEP 4 – Repeat step 3 until all of your batter is used up.

STEP 5 – Add your toppings and serve!

If you do make these let me know in the comments below. Also please give this post a like if you enjoy seeing foodie recipe posts 🙂

Love, Mais xx

Instagram: @wellnesswithmais

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