Find out a bit more about me.

So here we go again. If you were a regular to my blog you might notice a big difference and I’m not just talking about the design/ layout. One major difference is that a lot of my posts have disappeared. Yeah, that’s on purpose. I needed a fresh start. You ever get that feeling too?

For the readers that don’t know me, hey! Thanks for clicking on my blog. For those that do, welcome back to my new, revamped blog. There’s a big reason to why I decided to start a fresh but you’ll get to know that in time and when I’m ready to share. For now here’s 15 things you might not know about me.

  • I’m twenty-one
  • Currently in my second year of university studying BSc Food Science and Nutrition (and loving it!!)
  • I actually completed a one- year business degree at university first prior to starting my science- based degree
  • I took a gap year before university – working full time as a sales assistant at John Lewis as well as teaching myself a business a-level
  • I’ve always been active, loved sports etc but the year I took a gap year (2018) is when my passion grew for health and fitness, I began taking my wellbeing more seriously and started focusing more on nutrition as well as physical activity
  • My relationship with food is tricky and I will touch on this more in future posts. It became quite serious a few years ago, I have been on a recovery journey since and in all honesty theres still a way to go but I am slowly starting to feel like myself again – hence the relaunch of my blog
  • I love writing and creating content for my blog, one of my favourite things to do!
  • I enjoy researching different topics and always learning new things (I guess that makes me a bit of a geek, sorry not sorry ahaha)
  • I have been with my amazing boyfriend for almost 4 years (Happy V day for today btw Cam xx)
  • I am a dog lover over cats (no hate to cat lovers though)
  • One of my go to, favourite meals is Stir fry’s – a staple in my household
  • I’m lactose intolerant
  • I very rarely drink alcohol (just a choice, I don’t really like the taste)
  • I love Harry Potter – during my whole childhood I really wanted to go to Warner Bros Studios in London, Cam surprised me with tickets and a weekend away in London one Christmas (was the BEST!!)
  • I love running

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel inspired like I do when I write it.

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Love, Mais xx

Instagram: @wellnesswithmais

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