Making goals and sticking to them.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Goals can be pretty tricky to stick to and at times we can lack motivation to keep going. I want to share some things I do to make my goals more sustainable, which increases the likelihood of me reaching them.

Goals don’t just have to be fitness related, although a lot of mine do centre around this and living an healthy lifestyle. But goals can come in any forms, it could relate to your career or a hobby you might have.

  • Make your goals SPECIFIC and PERSONAL to you. It’s no good setting a goal for yourself that doesn’t relate to what you want to achieve. More than likely you won’t have any motivation to stick to the goal, as you have no interest in it.
  • Set a suitable TIME PERIOD. If you don’t set one at all you may never reach your goal, as you have no end point. Give yourself a completion time/ date, you might find this motivates you more. However, be sure to make a REALISTIC time frame for your goal, if you don’t have enough time to reach your goal you could find that your performance lacks or that you run out of time to complete it. At the same time, don’t set an unrealistic time- frame. This will make your goals more ACHIEVABLE.
  • Don’t forget to make your goals MOTIVATING, make them something you want to wake up to and get out of bed for, something that really means a lot to you.

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