Feeling more positive in the gym

Whether you’re new to the gym or have been into fitness several years the gym can be an intimidating and scary place. For some people, like myself, having confidence in the gym isn’t always easy. I want to tell you that this is okay, it’s normal and it doesn’t make you weak.

I want to share a few tricks that sometimes help me feel more confident whilst I’m at the gym. I hope this is helpful if you sometimes feel like this too.

Try not to put yourself down and compare yourself to others in the gym. I can relate that this is easier said than done, but when you can do this everything else seems better. Every person in the gym is at a different stage in their fitness journey and has different abilities, so don’t put yourself down when you see someone lifting heavier than you, running faster or longer than you. Sometimes it is in your mind and that’s okay.

Have a good playlist and stick your headphones in. I get in my own little bubble. It allows me to focus, clear my head and get the most out of my workouts.

Be confident in what you wear. Be comfy. Some days I wear a baggie jumper and others I just wear a sports bra/ crop top. If you love bright colours, wear the brightest colour you own. If you’re feeling more self conscious that day, wear a comfy jumper or joggers. When you look/ feel good you’ll be surprised how much more positive your mindset will be. At the end of the day wear WHAT YOU WANT, in the nicest way no one cares.

◾ Plan your workouts! You don’t have to do this all the time if you don’t like it but once in while making a plan might help. If you aren’t feeling motivated to go to the gym planning before hand might help, as you know what you’re gong to do and you can just get on with it.

“Listen to your body”


◾This quote from one of my favorite youtubers is one of the most relatable things ever. I don’t always follow it but I try. Listening to your body in my opinion is key in fitness. Do the workouts you enjoy, lift the weights your body can handle, rest if you need to rest and if you’re sick don’t force yourself to the gym.

◾And finally, change up your workouts. If you’re starting to feel less confident in the gym it could be because you’re bored from what you’re doing and feel like you aren’t seeing results. DO YOU and don’t let people question it.

Of course, sometimes the best thing is take some time off. Take time to think about why you joined the gym, why you love/ enjoy fitness. Thinking is sometimes the best medicine and might allow you to feel much more confident in the gym.

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