Find out a bit more about me.

So here we go again. If you were a regular to my blog you might notice a big difference. One major one being that my posts have disappeared. Yeah, that’s on purpose. I needed a fresh start. You ever get that feeling too?

For the readers that don’t know me, hey! Thanks for clicking on my blog. For those that do, welcome back to my new, revamped blog. There’s a big reason to why I decided to start a fresh but you’ll get to know that in time and when I’m ready to share. For now here’s some bits about me.

I’m a nineteen, Yorkshire girl who is in her first year of University. I took a gap year and was a full time Sales Assistant at John Lewis. Throughout this year I fell in love with health and fitness, it was my escape and somewhere I could unwind. I’ve always had a hobby in sports and fitness but often ignored the nutrition side of things.

My health and fitness journey has been a rocky one, and I don’t always have the best relationship with it and food is a very tricky subject for me but some days are easier than others. I’ve learnt it the hard way but patience is key, especially within fitness. I have the best support system, my family and friends are always there when I need them.

Join and subscribe to my blog and we can carry on the journey together and share our high and lows. I’m going to document my journey from now, share recipe ideas, workouts and write about my feelings. In hope this will also help you too.

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